Survey Results and Action Plans

Thank you Explore South River members for taking the time to respond to the Member Survey!

Members have decided how they would like their money spent and the goals they would like to pursue. It is important to listen to members, publish their decisions and follow their agreed-upon courses of action.

Over 93% of member respondents 14/15 have chosen OPTION B, a strong majority of the 25 current members.

OPTION B: Members have reaffirmed their vision to collaborate with the entire community to best represent a vibrant and thriving vision of South River to visitors and residents and enable the leveraging of funds from NOHFC and other community agencies to create something extra-ordinary together.

What happens now?

1. With your overwhelming support for The Explore South River Project, PARC met with NOHFC yesterday to review the work plan, insurance requirements and contract to access up to $45,000 funding awarded for the completion of the Explore South River Project.

2. On behalf of Explore South River members PARC is hereby making a formal request for NAISA to provide invoices and receipts for 2018-2019 expenses to account for almost $5000 raised by members to date.  With copies of these receipts from NAISA we will leverage over $8000 from NOHFC.

3. PARC will finalize the work plan and submit the signed contract with request for first part of funding from NOHFC once receiving NAISA’s copies of expenditures and reviewing accounting for remaining funds in the Explore South River account.

4. PARC will reach out to members who have expressed interest in helping complete the project to let you know about committee roles available and options for applying for paid work to complete the project.

5.  100% of respondents support the idea of paying for a two year membership up front to leverage fees from NOHFC.  You will soon be invited to renew your membership with fees being paid for 2020/2021 Explore South River memberships to PARC Association.  Sponsorship packages are also available.

6. An ad-hoc project steering committee will be formed from Explore South River members and new partners from allied organizations including The Friendly Circle Senior Centre, Forgotten Trails and others to review project timelines, job descriptions and make hiring decisions.

Surely, the best is yet to come

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