Project Update: January 6, 2020

Jan 6,  we hosted our first story-sharing event with 17 attendees to collect our historical and cultural stories.  More events will be held this winter.  We will also be interviewing local memory-holders and conducting research of community archives to unearth our most inspiring stories.
Everyone is invited:
Together we will paint an inspiring picture of South River.  Everyone in P0A 1X0 is invited to participate. Residents and visitors will soon encounter a colourful post card featuring the question: What makes South River special?
Presenting our stories:
Later this month we will be hiring a story writer to begin crafting our stories which will appear on interpretive panels throughout our community, encouraging visitors to explore.  These stories will also be featured in our digital multimedia storytelling later this spring.
Celebrating our assets:
We are also hiring locally to research our existing inventory of community assets and design a 2020-2021 Explore South River print map of our region. This will form the basis for creating a digital map and handheld app.
Promoting our experiences:
Later this spring we are providing training for members who want to create new and enhanced experiences to sell to visitors and put these experiences on the map!

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