Project Update – Feb 24, 2020

What’s Happening:
Thank you to those of you who spread the word regarding ESR Job Postings late December:
1.  Three Story tellers have been hired to research, collect artifacts and write 12 stories for an interpretive panel and multimedia story tour through South River and Machar (Rob Learn, Leslie Taylor and Danielle Marr).
2.  Danielle Marr is taking on community asset identification to add enhanced information to print and digital maps for 2020-2021 and identify resources for visitors and residents.
3.  Jennifer McCourt of Discovery Routes has been selected as the Map Designer.  We will be working with Christina Kearns to bring to life the original vision of the Explore South River map.
4.  Post cards have been mailed out and distributed at community events to gather grassroots input into the project.  Share your insights at drop boxes located at:
•  Friendly Circle
•  Kawartha Bank
•  Highlander Brewery
•  Eagle Lake Narrows Country Store
•  South River Machar Union Public Library
•  Dr. Robert Weaver’s dental office
5.  Next story sharing event is March 9 (6:30-8:00 pm) at Highlander Brew Co., hosted by our South River-Machar Library, Trails Associations and WORC.

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