Job Posting: Media Producer for the Explore South River Project

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Job Title: Explore South River Media Producer

Media production and distribution specialist will plan, produce, shoot, edit and distribute audio and/or video for on-demand distribution on the Internet.

This posting is a Canada Summer Job, to give a young adult (30 years and under) an opportunity to expand their video production resume over the nine week employment period.

Position: 9 weeks of work (30 hours per week) starting June 2020.

Rate: $24/hr


  • Meet with local story tellers to learn about the 12 location based stories displayed in the region as part of the Explore South River Project.
  • Review extended research supporting each of the stories.
  • Identify a story-telling theme or voice that will consistent across all stories.
  • Create a narrative flow that creates a compelling story.
  • Record and edit interviews with regional storytellers who can bring the stories to life.
  • Record, edit and produce audio and/or video segments that will be accessible on social media and on handheld devices by visiting 12 location based interpretive signs in the region.
  • Post media online. Produce internet content (photos, text, audio, video) and make it available online so visitors can delve deeper into the regional stories at 12 locations.
  • If possible geotag the media so it becomes accessible when visitors are at specific locations relevant to each multimedia story.
  • Produce online media with South River businesses and add this media to the online map listings produced as part of the Explore South River project.
  • Distribute video through existing and emerging media channels,
  • Promoting media with online social media.

How to apply:

Send your cover letter & resume to

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