Facebook Page – How to feature your post or event!

PARC is so excited to unveil our official The Explore South River Project facebook page!

Looking to get your post or event featured on the page?  It’s easy – check out our primer.


This style guide was compiled from some in-depth research into social media best practices with the goal of providing some ideas, tips and tricks to all of South River’s small businesses to help make each and every one of your Facebook posts stand-out from the crowd.

1. Show your personality, ask questions and always try to use images:

Make sure your organization or company’s personality shine through in each one of your posts. Engage followers by asking questions (think fill-in-the-blanks type of questions) and remember that a picture is worth 1,000 words. Use images wherever you can.

2. Connection, conversations, and a behind-the-scenes look are sure to get heads turning:

Let your followers get to know YOU, not just your business or products. Share photos of employees or customers, quirky stories, 10 fun facts about yourself…that kind of thing. And, if you are sharing an infographic or quote, don’t just post it – share what you think or feel about it while keeping your target market in mind.

3. Remember the KISS principle – “Keep It Simple, Sweetheart” (Don’t worry, we know the original saying, but no one likes to be called names!)

When in doubt – specific, succinct and simple is a surefire path to success. Facebook’s news feed algorithm ties organic reach to how much fan engagement your posts get. So the more likes, shares & comments you get on your posts, the more fans will see your future posts – which means you wanna get people clicking. That means you gotta get fans clicking! And to get fans clicking, your posts need to be short, simple & clickable.

4. Variety is key – put different content buckets to use:

People don’t follow business social media accounts simply to be sold to, they follow you because of your mission, vision, voice, what you stand for, and to be first in line for the occasional deal. Posting interesting content from a wide variety of categories or “content buckets” is a proven winning strategy. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel as there is a ton of info out there available, but here are a couple ideas to consider to get you started adding some balance to your Facebook page: entertaining posts, inspirational posts, educational posts and the occasional promotional post.

Job Posting: Media Producer for the Explore South River Project

PARC Association Job Posting

Job Title: Explore South River Media Producer

Media production and distribution specialist will plan, produce, shoot, edit and distribute audio and/or video for on-demand distribution on the Internet.

This posting is a Canada Summer Job, to give a young adult (30 years and under) an opportunity to expand their video production resume over the nine week employment period.

Position: 9 weeks of work (30 hours per week) starting June 2020.

Rate: $24/hr


  • Meet with local story tellers to learn about the 12 location based stories displayed in the region as part of the Explore South River Project.
  • Review extended research supporting each of the stories.
  • Identify a story-telling theme or voice that will consistent across all stories.
  • Create a narrative flow that creates a compelling story.
  • Record and edit interviews with regional storytellers who can bring the stories to life.
  • Record, edit and produce audio and/or video segments that will be accessible on social media and on handheld devices by visiting 12 location based interpretive signs in the region.
  • Post media online. Produce internet content (photos, text, audio, video) and make it available online so visitors can delve deeper into the regional stories at 12 locations.
  • If possible geotag the media so it becomes accessible when visitors are at specific locations relevant to each multimedia story.
  • Produce online media with South River businesses and add this media to the online map listings produced as part of the Explore South River project.
  • Distribute video through existing and emerging media channels,
  • Promoting media with online social media.

How to apply:

Send your cover letter & resume to Media@ExploreSouthRiver.ca

Project Update – Feb 24, 2020

What’s Happening:
Thank you to those of you who spread the word regarding ESR Job Postings late December:
1.  Three Story tellers have been hired to research, collect artifacts and write 12 stories for an interpretive panel and multimedia story tour through South River and Machar (Rob Learn, Leslie Taylor and Danielle Marr).
2.  Danielle Marr is taking on community asset identification to add enhanced information to print and digital maps for 2020-2021 and identify resources for visitors and residents.
3.  Jennifer McCourt of Discovery Routes has been selected as the Map Designer.  We will be working with Christina Kearns to bring to life the original vision of the Explore South River map.
4.  Post cards have been mailed out and distributed at community events to gather grassroots input into the project.  Share your insights at drop boxes located at:
•  Friendly Circle
•  Kawartha Bank
•  Highlander Brewery
•  Eagle Lake Narrows Country Store
•  South River Machar Union Public Library
•  Dr. Robert Weaver’s dental office
5.  Next story sharing event is March 9 (6:30-8:00 pm) at Highlander Brew Co., hosted by our South River-Machar Library, Trails Associations and WORC.

Story Sharing

Join us:

March 9, 2020 6:30-8:00 pm at Highlander Brew Co. for our upcoming story sharing event.

Learn how our stories and our photos and artifacts will be used to create a memorable presentation of the stories of our region to visitors and residents alike for years to come.

It’s your story, come tell it.

Sharing our Stories

Explore South River Story Sharing Events

Our first event was held Jan 5, 2020 at the Friendly Circle Senior Centre.  Express interest in hosting an upcoming story sharing event for your South River organization event to kara.mitchell11@gmail.com

Post Cards: Tell us what’s special about South River!

Drop your completed post cards at an Explore South River box located at one of these community locations:

  • Friendly Circle 10 Isabella St
  • Kawartha Bank – 83 Ottawa Ave
  • Highlander Brewery – 309 B HWY 124
  • Eagle Lake Narrows Country Store – 309 B HWY 124
  • South River Machar Union Public Library – 63 Marie St
  • 100 Ottawa ave outside Dr. Robert Weaver’s dental office

Why: PARC invites all community groups, residents, businesses to co-create a thriving vision of our community.  Come see how we are working as an open, limitless community to complete an extra-ordinary project together highlighting our history, culture, arts, recreation, learning and entertainment.

Project Update: January 6, 2020

Jan 6,  we hosted our first story-sharing event with 17 attendees to collect our historical and cultural stories.  More events will be held this winter.  We will also be interviewing local memory-holders and conducting research of community archives to unearth our most inspiring stories.
Everyone is invited:
Together we will paint an inspiring picture of South River.  Everyone in P0A 1X0 is invited to participate. Residents and visitors will soon encounter a colourful post card featuring the question: What makes South River special?
Presenting our stories:
Later this month we will be hiring a story writer to begin crafting our stories which will appear on interpretive panels throughout our community, encouraging visitors to explore.  These stories will also be featured in our digital multimedia storytelling later this spring.
Celebrating our assets:
We are also hiring locally to research our existing inventory of community assets and design a 2020-2021 Explore South River print map of our region. This will form the basis for creating a digital map and handheld app.
Promoting our experiences:
Later this spring we are providing training for members who want to create new and enhanced experiences to sell to visitors and put these experiences on the map!

What’s Special about South River

Residents of the South River region – aka, P0A 1X0 (our postal code) will soon be invited to share their stories about what makes our area special to visitors and residents alike.

Look for this postcard to land in your inbox soon as we look to you for advice and insight into what makes our area special.

We’re also working with organizations to host story-sharing events.  The first of these is scheduled for Sunday, January 5 at 6 pm at the South River Friendly Circle Seniors Centre.

Join us as we learn and celebrate together.

The best is yet to come!

PARC Association (Not-for-profit for the promotion of arts recreation and culture in South River Area) is managing the Explore South River project on behalf of allies including Explore South River members, Friendly Circle Senior Centre, Forgotten Trails, artists and others. We invite all community groups, residents, businesses to co-create a thriving vision of our community showcasing highlights of our history, culture, arts, recreation, learning and entertainment.

What is The Explore South River Project:
• Design and placement of 12 interpretive story panels through our community which link to online media (audio/video) that comes to life on handheld devices.
• A print and digital map of all South River area art, recreation, culture, learning and entertainment assets and experiences including trails, and where to eat, sleep and play.
• An inclusive events calendar of all public arts, recreation, culture, entertainment events happening in the South River area.
• Identifying our stories: Collecting our historical and cultural stories at community story-sharing events by interviewing local memory-holders, conducting research of community archives to unearth our most inspiring stories. Conducting a community post-card survey.
• Presenting our stories: Creating multimedia versions of our stories in photo, text, audio, video by designing and producing interpretive panels, producing audio and video by interviewing locals with historical knowledge.
• Celebrating our assets: Researching existing inventories of community assets. Designing a print and digital map of our region. Creating a calendar of events and training organizations to post information about community happenings.
• Promoting our experiences: Providing training to create new and enhanced experiences to sell to visitors and putting the experiences on the map! Making access to all new content available in the palm of our hands.

Winter / Spring 2020 Job Postings
PARC Association extends an invitation to individuals and organizations to help make this vision a reality. We invite expressions of interest to complete the tasks required to complete the early stages of the project. Applicants may apply to fulfil more than one of the identified roles.
Applications will be accepted until January 10th by email to events@exploresouthriver.ca
Successful applicants will be contacted by January 20th. Applicants are asked to provide a cover letter, and a resume featuring relevant work experience
and a vision for how the role will be carried out. For roles involving multimedia creation, please link to samples of relevant work experience. For roles in which an organization is the applicant, identify the individual(s) who will complete the tasks.

Criteria to be used in selecting successful applicants include:
• demonstrated expertise in the field of work;
• a clear vision for how the role will be carried out with ability to meet timelines required;
• ability to agree upon a clear statement of work and financial compensation;
• knowledge of the Almaguin Highlands and the South River area;
• residence and place of business within 75 km of South River.

PARC is Hiring; Winter / Spring Job Descriptions:
Story teller: Author 12 stories by reviewing historical photos and documents and conducting community outreach and interviews, hosting community meetings. Developing a “voice or tone” for representing the people, places and experiences available in South River. Access story-telling assets including photos and memorabilia for digitization. Link stories to geographic locations in
Machar, South River and east to Algonquin Park. (January – March 30, 2020)

Community Asset Inventory: Conduct an inventory of community assets and create talent database. Review and combine existing strategic planning resources and conduct research adding
new talent database including the talent that exists in people (arts, recreation, culture, entertainment). Review data gathered from community outreach identifying what makes South River special. Work with ACED, Machar and South River to identify existing community values research for the South River area. Work with technology/web experts to develop a system for digitizing and storing these assets. (February – April 2020)

Print map designer: Work with existing digital map design assets such as Forgotten Trails base map to design a new 2020-2021 version of an Explore South River map to include member listings as well as art, recreation, culture, learning and entertainment assets identified in the Community, Asset Inventory and include Forgotten Trails, new interpretive sign locations, where to eat, sleep and access other important community resources. (April 2020)

Interpretive Sign designer: Building on collected data and grassroots community input, develop brand identity that connects the project assets. Layout and design media for 12 interpretive signs, including digitization of existing photos, memorabilia, and authored stories. Coordinate sign

Survey Results and Action Plans

Thank you Explore South River members for taking the time to respond to the Member Survey!

Members have decided how they would like their money spent and the goals they would like to pursue. It is important to listen to members, publish their decisions and follow their agreed-upon courses of action.

Over 93% of member respondents 14/15 have chosen OPTION B, a strong majority of the 25 current members.

OPTION B: Members have reaffirmed their vision to collaborate with the entire community to best represent a vibrant and thriving vision of South River to visitors and residents and enable the leveraging of funds from NOHFC and other community agencies to create something extra-ordinary together.

What happens now?

1. With your overwhelming support for The Explore South River Project, PARC met with NOHFC yesterday to review the work plan, insurance requirements and contract to access up to $45,000 funding awarded for the completion of the Explore South River Project.

2. On behalf of Explore South River members PARC is hereby making a formal request for NAISA to provide invoices and receipts for 2018-2019 expenses to account for almost $5000 raised by members to date.  With copies of these receipts from NAISA we will leverage over $8000 from NOHFC.

3. PARC will finalize the work plan and submit the signed contract with request for first part of funding from NOHFC once receiving NAISA’s copies of expenditures and reviewing accounting for remaining funds in the Explore South River account.

4. PARC will reach out to members who have expressed interest in helping complete the project to let you know about committee roles available and options for applying for paid work to complete the project.

5.  100% of respondents support the idea of paying for a two year membership up front to leverage fees from NOHFC.  You will soon be invited to renew your membership with fees being paid for 2020/2021 Explore South River memberships to PARC Association.  Sponsorship packages are also available.

6. An ad-hoc project steering committee will be formed from Explore South River members and new partners from allied organizations including The Friendly Circle Senior Centre, Forgotten Trails and others to review project timelines, job descriptions and make hiring decisions.

Surely, the best is yet to come